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How It Works ?

A vehicle tracking system combines the use of showing automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with help of GPS satellite, Mobile data networks and Software. GPS satellite capture picture of vehicle location than wireless data network send this data to server by using GRPS than Software capture this all data from server and showing user with help of GOOGLE Map all user provide one unique user id use it for login the system and check vehicle location.

Price showing is with installation and taxes Included ?

Yes, we provide Device installation at your location free of cost within Gujarat also included warranty and service charge for one year after installation but all taxes are extra as applicable.

Why I have to pay monthly subscription?

Monthly subscription included GPRS, Server maintenance; Internet, Software and developers support charges that also we have to pay.

Any other charges I have to pay in future ?

No, take rest we do not bill you any time for any extra charges excluding monthly rental during one year of period after one year if any problem in device than repair and service charges have to pay.

Can I have to pay any extra cost for multi user ?

No, you can create any numbers of users by vehicle there is no any extra cost for that.

All alerts are free OR any charges I have to pay ?

Yes, we provide all alerts by mail and by notification are totally free but if you want alerts by SMS than you have to buy SMS pack for that.

For how many times records save in server ?

We save all of your data reports for three months.

How can I view demo is any charges for that ?

Click on request DEMO top of the page and submit it. You will receive mail shortly for link and user detail you can check it yourself no any charges for that.

Support contact detail

We are available for support Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 07:00pm Sunday 10:30am to 01:30pm
and support details are:,
Whatsapp: +919727718887, 02616543216 and 7600026761.