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how gps tracker work ?

GPS Means Global Positioning System a GPS Satellite used by the navstar. The first satellite in the system, Navstar 1, was launched February 29, 1978. The GPS satellites circle the Earth at an altitude of about 20,000 km (12,427 miles) and complete two full orbits every day. It's wrking at open sky and absolutly free but as per government norms. we install GPS Device in moving object this device capture route of moving object than by using of GPRS this all data send a data collection center we ask it SERVER using a software data will receive our local computer and we can check it where our vehicle is going this all system takes 40 to 60 seconds time so we got report of moving on every 60 seconds.

why we need GPS Tracking

Todays business is going to larger and world become smaller by the technology of Internet and smart phone. and we talk about transportation we are not walways available to check out where and what our employes are doing. Time is precious and for transportation time is more valuable so at every time we can check out that how much productivity can we take from our vehicle by GPS technology and if we are thinking about cost and maintanance than we save that cost only few days by this technology to increase productivity of our vehilces.

Track Your Drivers and Protect Your Assets

GPS fleet management solutions offer substantial benefits for fleets of all sizes by providing enhanced oversight even when you’re on the go. Thanks to patented GPS technology and the wireless GPRS network, you can track your drivers and collect key information that will help increase productivity, reduce administrative overhead and optimize efficiency. Best of all, you can view all this critical data anytime you want in an organized, intuitive format using a simple online dashboard.

Valuable Information When You Need it

Driver tracking, asset tracking and equipment tracking offer a host of benefits that can take your fleet’s performance to the next level. Thanks to modern, efficient mobile technology, you can easily access complete details and reports, whether you’re sitting at your desk or in a coffee shop down the road.Armed with these real-time reports, you’ll enjoy the ability to make quick revenue-growing decisions that allow you to improve delivery times, complete jobs faster, optimize routing for quicker service and increase word-of-mouth from happy customers so you can get more referrals.

Vehicle Tracking Systems: Your Best Defense Against False Claims Fraud

Fleet management is often a balancing act. Running a successful fleet requires a significant amount of resources, involves a considerable degree of overhead, and demands a fine attention to detail. From fuel usage, to vehicle location, engine diagnostic codes, idle time and much more, Networkfleet’s industry-leading fleet tracking solutions provide timely, accurate data to help you make better fleet management decisions. They also provide complete online access, which allows you to closely monitor your fleet’s performance from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.