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Benefit Of GPS Tracking System

Vehicle theft protection

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Vehicle stolen

Knowing the location of your vehicle is the first step towards safety, GPS tracking can also help to improve the security of your fleet, GPS tracking will allow you to recover any stolen vehicle more quickly,

Eliminate Employee Fraud

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Check your right route

GPS allows you to keep up with proper vehicle maintenance, keeping vehicle safe on the road, going on your given route, stop anywhere without sufficient reason

Reduce down time of feild employee

gps based vehicle tracking system

Monitor your driver

It’s important to get your drivers and staff is on duty, GPS tracking is a way to reward hard work and eliminate bad habits that can lead to serious financial loss.

Document actual route driven and stops

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Report stopage of vehicle

Monitor your vehicle sufficient reason stopage, going on actual given route, reach on time on delivery location, also you can set alerts for that this all are so easy by gps tracking system

Stop over speeding

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Set alerts for speed

Is your driver going over speed ? monitor it now other wise your fuel expenses is going more and more you can set alerts for your given speed.

Improve fleet productivity

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Go for digital time keeping

Gps vehicle tracking system is better solution for reduce your operation cost, Reach on time of your delivety location, you can monitor any types of your driver activity online that saves time and money.

What Makes We Are Different From Other Companies ?

Confidence & Quality

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Never Compromise Quality

Find quality product ? rest your breath we strongly belive in quality that's why our customer's confidence reffer you for doing business with us. we are never doing compromise in quality

Cost effective solution with multi language software

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Budget Product

Giving you quality in cost effective solution with our Customize indian online platform, easy to use with English, hindi and gujarati multi language software.

Customer satisfaction with money back gauranty

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Customer First

our motto is customer first and Quality that's why we are giving you 30 days customer satisfaction money back guarantee


A brief overview of some of our important features ...

GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems


Check current speed and vehicle movement at 20s frequency. Check stoppages and trips on Google Map.

GPS Vehicle Tracking


Mark your favorite location and get alerts when your vehicle reach or leave location, over speed, off route, passed address, travel time, Ignition, tall tax station, over stay etc...

Vehicle Tracking Device


we provide your vehicle's daily activity sort & detailed summary by auto e-mail with simply set-up.

Concox GPS Tracking System


we save your vehicle's past data records- Travel, trip, stopage, alerts etc... upto 3 months you can see any time if you have mark any trouble,

Vehicle GPS Tracking Device


Check more than 20 types of reports when evere you need it, download in your computer, also you can set it auto e-mail and saves for 3 months.

GPS for Vehicle


User friendly software can view any numbers of vehicle in single screen with multi language software..

Track any where any time

Track Real Time

Get more insights for each trip. Check the entire trip on the Google map along with stoppages, idlings and overspeeding stretches displayed on the map. Get notified every time your Vehicles enters or exits the geo-zone.

GPS vehicle tracking for mobile GPS vehicle tracking for mobile